About Us

Relying on technical knowledge and benefiting from expert human resources is one of our commitments and fundamental principles in ARTELUX Group. All our efforts in this collection are focused on the use of quality materials with the latest technology. This, followed by paying attention to the principles of lighting engineering in indoor and public environments, has led to the provision of functional and high-quality products.

At ARTELUX, you will benefit from product health guarantee for three years. The free visit of the course includes the visit of experts during the completion of the final stages of the project and handing over the work to you, so that we have enough confidence in accepting the responsibility for the correct installation and guarantee of the products used in the project. By choosing the ARTELUX collection, the support team of this collection consists of experienced experts and consultants. They will always be by your side and will provide you with the necessary guidance in making decisions and purchasing lighting requirements according to the desired interior and exterior space .The movement towards global innovation and the updating of lighting equipment in interior and exterior architectural styles has been the focus of the ARTELUX collection, and in the continuation of this path, we hope to have the loyalty of customers as our support, as in the past, and to be able to keep alive dynamism in this industry.